Testosterone and its benefit

Testosterone is also known as total or free testosterone that helps in testing the patient’s blood to evaluate sexual conditions of men, women, boys and girls. Testosterone test is required to check the sexual hormones of men that produced by testicles and the lack of sex hormones may cause to sexual problems in physical characteristics of a male. Sex hormones are present in the blood of both male and female, so we can test the blood to check testosterone levels of the patients whether they are having adequate or inadequate sex hormones and testosterone to provide required treatments for overcome the sexual problems of the patients.

Tests Required for Patients:

  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) or Follitropin:
    • FSH test is required to evaluate issues in fertility.
    • To know the results about the functions of testicles or ovaries in male and female whether the female patient is eligible for getting pregnant and the male patient is eligible to make the female pregnant.
    • To check sex drive of male and female whether it is in correct proportion. Men must have a ratio of testosterone to estrogen of 4:1 to have a good sex.
    • To check the pituitary function of children for evaluating delayed or early sexual maturation (puberty).
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH) or Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone or Lutropin or ICSH:
    • LH test is required for the purpos to evaluate fertility issues in men and women.
    • To check the pregnancy issues, menstrual problems, heavy or irregular menstrual periods problems in female.
    • To check the pituitary function of children.
  • Testosterone-estrogen Binding Globulin TeBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin:
    • TeBG test is required to check the low testosterone in men.
    • To check the androgen deficiency in male and female that women having excess male hormones.
    • This test is required when a patient having inconsistency in total testosterone or decreased or increased testosterone.
  • DHEA-SO4 or DHEA Sulfate (DHEAS):
    • DHEAS test is required to check the functions of adrenal gland.
    • To check the adrenal cancers and tumors.
    • To check the masculine characteristics in women and girls.
    • To check the puberty in boys.
    • This test is required when a women or girl having excess hair in her body and face, acne, absence in menstrual periods, women infertility.